Outsourcing case studies

We can save you £10-20k per employee by using the power of the internet to work remotely.

If you have a business process that is performed using computers then we can find a solution for you.

Please take a look at these case studies to see how other companies have already benefited from using remote workers:

Company 1

A tech startup disrupting the food wholesale sector with £1m+ turnover operates on a very lean model. One of their operations staff quit and their replacement was no good. So they turned to us and use our remote staff and are very happy with the service and also saving £900/mth

Company 2

A fintech company had an inhouse staff on £30k who was not performing well, so they outsourced to us and we now deliver a better service than the old staff and the client is saving £20k per year. In addition, we rotate staff on their operations so that they always have cover in case of staff holidays which they didn’t have with their inhouse staff

Company 3

A professional services firm was struggling with rapid growth. By using remote workers the firm was able to significantly increase capacity, thereby working more quickly and meeting deadlines easily. Ultimately, clients were much happier and this helped the firm to grow even more.

Next steps

If you’re interested in saving £10-20k per employee outsourced, then please contact us for a free consultation on how you can hire our remote workers.